Senior JAVA developer 5 person
Job Title:
Senior JAVA developer
Beijing platform R & D center
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
1 person
Working place:
Beijing, Chaoyang district
Job Category:
JAVA developer
1. Participated in the design of the project and the preparation of relevant technical documents;

2. Responsible for solving difficult problems in development and continuous system optimization;

3. Participated in optimizing the technical framework of the team to improve the output efficiency;

4. Have an in-depth understanding of the department's business and design a complete architecture system according to the relevant business;

5. Constantly optimize the overall and forward-looking architecture design, promote the implementation of the system architecture of surrounding systems and related teams, solve the architectural problems encountered in business development, and continuously improve the system platform capacity;

1. Solid basic computer skills, strong coding skills, 5 years or above development experience;

2. Have high Internet concurrent processing experience, independently responsible for multiple business modules with Internet characteristics, and have rich experience in locating and dealing with online problems;

3. Good at using open source framework, familiar with open source framework in a certain field, and did type selection research;

4. Studied caching, JVM tuning, serialization, message queue, RPC call framework, etc., and had relevant practical experience;

5. Familiar with the use and optimization of commonly used open source software (such as Nginx, ActiveMQ, Elastic search, Redis, etc.);

6. Proficient in MySQL application development, familiar with database principles and common performance optimization technologies, as well as NoSQL and Queue principles, usage scenarios and limitations;

7. Good customer service awareness, strong sense of responsibility and mission, strong execution ability and team spirit;

8. Good at English, and can write technical documents in English.

Position requirements
Age: Unlimited
Years of working: more than 5 years
English: Good ability with reading and writing
Education: Bachelor or above
Gender: Unlimited
Please send your resume:
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