Whale Ecosystem
The Whale Ecosystem is jointly built by ZEASN Cloud services and global developers, it is being provided to more than 50 TV brands with customized and diverse Home Digital Entertainment solutions covering more than 100 countries.

Whale OS - a leading product of Whale Ecosystem - is a Smart TV OS providing efficiency and best performance, including all new Smart TV features required on modern TV devices. It is a leading product of whale Ecosystem. Whale Ecosystem is already used by tier- 1 customers including BenQ, Dentsu, Haier, Konka, Philips and Sohu.
International news platform TRT World is expanding its global reach across every continent and through every technology. TRT World is now available for access through Zeasn’s services.
June 2018, Whale Eco System cooperated with Lango-Tech and has provided smart TV OTT suite services for Lango-Tech since then.
November 2016
Whale Ecosystem cooperated with Hikeen
November 2016
Whale Eco System established cooperation with CVTE
June 2017
Whale Eco System cooperated with KTC
January 2018
Whale Eco System cooperated with StarTimes
June 2018
Whale Eco System cooperated with Cultraview
June 2018
Whale Eco System cooperated with Lango-Tech
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Not only providing a Smart TV ecosystem, but also a family entertainment network. Whale aims at setting up the recreational environment for families worldwide on TV, serving around 10 million both domestic and international Smart TVs, smart set-top box manufactures and video licensees.
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Rolled the functions of global product localization operation
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Fun Convenient. And fast Simply tab the voice icon in the Whale Play mobile app and say it to search, launch channels, and more.
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