As the world's leading provider of smart home solutions and services, more than 50 million global households (with more than 150 million users) are currently using smart TVs, set-top boxes, smart speakers, smart projectors, and other smart home entertainment devices powered by Whale cloud services.


ZEASN's core product, Whale OS, has in-depth cooperation with top chip vendors to completely solve codec performance and security issues from the bottom of the system, creating a highly flexible, highly scalable, and fully customizable Turnkey solution. In addition, for the intelligent voice service Whale AI Voice, ZEASN's SoC solution can be perfectly adapted to Novatek, Rockchip, and MediaTek platform.


ZEASN is an officially registered member of the HbbTV Association, and we are building Whale OS products certified by HbbTV. In addition, ZEASN maintains in-depth cooperation with Amazon's Alexa team, and many new capabilities related to AVS (Alexa Voice Service) (such as ODM's latest ACM audio and video call functions) will be implemented in ZEASN's solution as a pioneer.


ZEASN has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent home for more than 10 years. Through close cooperation with independent design companies (IDH), Whale cloud services has provided more than 100 brands with customized and diversified digital entertainment solutions covering over 190 countries/regions.


Whale OS Turnkey solution has been certified by the world's top three apps (Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video), and we also cooperate with various top content providers in many countries and regions around the world. Whale Ecosystem currently has a large amount of localized video entertainment content, and the number of live channels gathered on the free Ad-supported streaming services WhaleLive exceeds 200+.


Since its inception, ZEASN has in-depth cooperation with the world’s top TV manufacturers, board solution providers and leading TV chip designers, and has accumulated a large number of resources in the industry chain. At present, ZEASN's Whale Eco has a number of industry-leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) partners.


ZEASN's CTV advertising platform, WhaleAds, integrates the global TOP5 CTV advertising partner network, has high-quality CTV advertising inventory, supports In-Flight Ad tools to optimize reach, time, frequency, and performance in real-time. And based on the powerful system technology of Whale OS, it can provide the excellent Ad performance.

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