Senior project operations manager 3 person
Job Title:
Senior project operations manager
Job Number:
Beijing platform R & D center
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
1 person
Working place:
Beijing, Chaoyang district
Job Category:
Internet Product Manager
1. Conduct investigation in the early stage of the project, collected relevant materials, and completed the project approval report together;

2. Conduct demand analysis and planning for the project;

3. Specify project objectives and plans;

4. Control project process;

5. Manage problems, risks and changes in the project;

6. Assessing project and project member.

1. At least 3 years project management experience;

2. It is better to have project experience in the field of smart TV;

3. Can accept high-intensity work tasks;

4. Strong executive force and the courage to accept challenges;

5. Strong learning ability and innovative spirit;

6. Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

Position requirements
Age: Unlimited
Years of working: 3-6 years
English: Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing
Education: Bachelor or above
Gender: Unlimited
Please send your resume:
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