Front-end Architect 3 person
Job Title:
Front-end Architect
Beijing platform R & D center
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
1 person
Working place:
Beijing, Chaoyang district
Job Category:
Front-end Architect
1. Responsible for front-end page development of product solutions;

2. Improve the front-end architecture of the project, and conduct research on cutting-edge technologies and tools;

3. Continuously optimize application experience and page response speed, improve software quality and development efficiency, and ensure compatibility and execution efficiency;

4. Responsible for coordinating front-end team resources and making efficient decisions, and leading the key and difficult technical problems in the team's R&D process;

5. Provide training and guidance to other engineers, optimize development process and ensure code quality;

1. At least 4 years of web front-end R&D experience, bachelor degree or above, with English communication skills;

2. Proficient in front-end code performance tuning and familiar with debugging and tuning tools like Firebug; Familiar with front-end caching and CDN technology; Optimization of CSS/JavaScript performance and a complete solution to screen adaptation is preferred.

3. Familiar with the design and implementation of mainstream frameworks and class libraries; proficient in cross-browser and cross-terminal development; Proficient in one or more front-end frameworks, including jQuery, bootstrap, Angular, Backbone, etc.

4. Have more than one complex front-end development case and serve as the main developer;

5. Familiar with mixed application development or mobile page development, with certain sensitivity to UI/UE;

6. Attach importance to communication, have independent learning ability and be able to guide others;

Position requirements
Age: Unlimited
Years of working: more than 4 years
English: Good ability with reading and writing
Education: Bachelor or above
Gender: Unlimited
Please send your resume:
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