Operations Architect - Beijing 1 person
1. Responsible for the design and optimization of the overall operation and maintenance architecture, to achieve sustainable system integration and automated deployment;

2. Lead to solve major problems in operation and maintenance, technical problems, energy bottlenecks and other difficult problems, participate in company budget control and cost accounting;

3. Participate in the planning of the company's cloud platform architecture, solve various potential system technical risks, and ensure the high availability and self-healing capabilities of the operation and maintenance system;

4. Responsible for monitoring and predicting system performance bottlenecks and capacity analysis of online products, and provide corresponding solutions;

5. Lead the team to complete the development of DevOps process and tools;

6.Responsible for in-depth analysis of performance, design performance improvement programs and lead the development of operation and maintenance programs, and continuously improve the stability of the system.
1.Proficient in operating systems such as Linux / Unix;

2.Solid experience of writing code using languages such as Python, Go, Java or C;

3.6+ years of experience in operation and maintenance development or application operation and maintenance;

4.Experience in large-scale system operation and maintenance is preferred, and has strong troubleshooting capabilities;

5.Familiar with automation operation and maintenance management tools, saltstack / ansible / puppet, Jenkins, sonar, etc.

6.Familiar with virtualization technology and practical experience with K8S;

7.Familiar with common monitoring systems, such as Zabbix, Prometheus, Nagios, Open-Falcon, etc.

8.Familiar with distributed tracing tools such as Zipkin, Pinpoint and etc.

9.Familiar with mainstream application server architecture, database and various middleware technologies (Nginx / Haproxy / MySQL / DNS / Redis / MongoDB / Hadoop ecosystem, etc.), and have an in-depth understanding of the operation and maintenance system;
Position requirements
Preferred Qualifications: 1.Contributed in Open Source Projects or Active in the Open Source Community; 2.Have experience with AWS;
Please send your resume: hr@zeasn.com
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