Product Manager - Beijing 1 person
1.Responsible for the planning, definition and acceptance of TVOS system and related products. Responsible for the quality of product definition and the effect of product iteration, responsible for user experience satisfaction and various quantitative indicators.

2.In-depth understanding of business scenarios, able to discover business needs, and output of solutions from a product perspective, able to set product short-term and long-term goals and detailed iteration plans.

3.Able to independently plan and design product structure and functional requirements, and quickly translate requirements into flowcharts, product documents, and product prototypes.

4.Responsible for tracking product operation, and continuously iteratively optimize the product through data analysis and collection of product feedback.

5.Cooperate with Design, R&D, QA and various business units to rationally integrate resources. Capable of advancing and managing large-scale projects and completing various work tasks set by the company.
1.Bachelor degree or above, 5 years of IT Internet product work experience, and independently responsible for more than 2 products, familiar with product work flow.

2.Excellent English written and verbal communication skills.

3.Have clear logical thinking ability and data analysis ability, sensitive to business data and product data.

4.Results-oriented, able to deal with pressure during the work and have good communication and teamwork skills.

5.Experience in smart TV and large screen client related products is preferred.
Position requirements
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