Mid-Level Linux C Engineer - Fuzhou 1 person
1.Responsible for the development of framework Middleware related functions;

2.Responsible for smart TV system related requirements analysis, scheme design, code writing and debugging;

3.Responsible for embedded Linux cross compilation and software integration;

4.Responsible for writing related documents during development.
1.Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related discipline, 1+ years of C/C++ working experience;

2.Understand protocols such as HTTP and Websocket, understand inter-process communication mechanisms, and the plug-in management mechanisms;

3.Familiar with Linux system, proficiency in cross compilation, board firmware integration, and kernel driver integration is preferred;

4.Experience in CEF, audio and video playback, screen mirroring and other technologies is preferred;

5.Excellent code writing habits, have teamwork skills and ability to work under pressure;

6.Excellent English written and verbal communication skills.
Position requirements
Please send your resume: hr@zeasn.com
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