Mid-Level Front-end Engineer - Fuzhou 1 person
1.Efficiently complete front-end development tasks;

2.Develop common front-end basic components to unify the interactive experience;

3.Improve the unified front-end development framework and optimize the front-end development testing and release process;

4.Ensure good user experience and good compatibility.
1.4 years of web front-end R&D experience, bachelor’s degree or above, and English communication ability is preferred;

2.Proficient in at least one front-end framework, includes Vue, React and etc.;

3.Experience in front-end engineering, modularization, and componentization, and skilled in using more than one build tool such as Webpack/grunt/gulp;

4.Familiar with front-end cache, CDN and front-end optimization technology;

5.Familiar with mainstream interface layout methods and flexible application; have more than one complex front-end development case and serve as the main developer;

6.Familiar with the basics of HTML5 and CSS3;

7.Have excellent collaboration and communication skills. Preferred Qualifications: understanding of user perspective, product/design thinking;

8.Strong initiative and sense of ownership.
Position requirements
Please send your resume: hr@zeasn.com
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