HR&Admin Commissioner - Bangalore,India 1 person
Job Title:
HR&Admin Commissioner
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
1 person
Working place:
Priority will be given to local Chinese

In full charge of the establishment and improvement of human resources and administrative management system, as well as local sales work, and ensure the effective operation;

1.Establishment of personnel and administrative system;

2.Organize and set up the company's human resources and administrative management system, formulate relevant systems and processes and organize their implementation;

3.Daily human resource management of the company;

4.Formulate human resource strategy according to the company's development strategy, formulate the company's human resource plan and organize its implementation;

5.Daily administration of the company;

6.Organize the company's administrative logistics, conference management, official documents, archives management; Organize the company's external liaison, important reception and public relations work;

7.Responsible for the development of local sales channels;

8.Internal management of department;

9.Responsible for team building and personnel management of the company.
1.Major in Human Resource Management, Administration Management, Finance, etc., English can be used as the working language;

2.At least 2 years working experience, Internet industry related working experience is preferred;

3.Good planning and organization skills, communication and coordination skills and problem solving skills;
Position requirements
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