C++ Engineer 1 person
Full Time
Bangalore urban, karnataka, India
1.Responsible for Browser development work for product solutions ;

2.Responsible for releasing activities and PR solving;

3.Cooperate with internal and external stakeholders;

4.Continuous optimization of application experience and page response speed, improve software quality and development efficiency, and ensure compatibility and execution efficiency;

1.3+ years C++ development experience, preferred more than 5 year experience. Bachelor degree or above;

2.Good communication skills, English language fluent and is mandatory;

3.Development skills: C++, Chromium, Blink browser;

4.Work hard and initiative, learning ability, a sense of responsibility, excellent communication and cooperation ability;

5.Problem analyzing and solving skills;

6.OOAD concept;

7.Have independent learning ability and be able to guide others.
Position requirements
Years of working: 3+ years C++ development experience
Please send your resume: hr@zeasn.com
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