Test Engineer 8 person
Job Title:
Test Engineer
Beijing platform QA center
Full Time
Recruiting numbers:
2 person
Working place:
Beijing, Chaoyang district
Job Category:
Test Engineer
1. Black box test of intelligent TV related functions;

2. Wrote, executed and updated test cases according to the test plan, and assisted the R&D in locating problems found;

3. Write test report;

1. Solid basic computer knowledge, good knowledge of network structure, and able to deploy test environment by self;

2. Proficient in Word, excel and PPT, and used serial port tools and wireshark;

3. Basic computer language is preferred, such as JAVA, C language, C++, C#,.net, ASP, JSP, PHP, HTML, etc.

4. Strong learning and independent analysis ability, work sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit;

5. Understand the basic testing procedures and specifications;

6. Contact or use automated test tools;

7. Strong self-learning ability, attitude and initiative to overcome technical difficulties;

8. Good English is a plus;

Position requirements
Age: Unlimited
Years of working: Unlimited
English: Unlimited
Education: Bachelor or above
Gender: Unlimited
Please send your resume: hr@zeasn.com
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